We integrate complex environmental systems for the cannabis industry for indoor/outdoor, farms, and green houses.  Our environmental systems include water treatment, benching, racking, air flow, and lighting. Call us today for a consultation. We are proud to be a Clean Green Certified® licensed service provider!
(License# CGSL-21-0421).

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About urban-gro

urban-gro, Inc. (Nasdaq: UGRO) is a fully integrated architecture, engineering, and cultivation systems integration company serving the commercial cannabis and food-focused Controlled Environment Agriculture (“CEA”) sectors. urban-gro works with commercial cultivators around the world to hone competitive advantage through expertly designed and commissioned systems that maximize growing space and improve overall operational efficiencies.

Environmental Control

We can help you stay compliant and prevent regulatory fines, hearings, government seizure or shut down.

Water Treatment

urban-gro designs and integrates pre-irrigation treatment solutions to ensure consistent water quality for the crop lifecycle.

Fertigation Design

We can provide custom fertigation design unique to your facility and your needs and goals.


Our team of cultivation technologists have decades of experience building detailed lighting plans for every kind of commercial grow environment.

Nasdaq: URGRO

Cannabis Cultivation Systems Experts

We are the industry leader in providing environmental control systems for large scale cultivators.  We can provide the following:

Early-Stage Facility Planning: Large-scale cultivation facilities are extremely complex and highly customized to meet the unique specifications and needs of each operation. With a multitude success factors and stakeholders to satisfy, early-stage engagement enables urban-gro to build consensus and ensure proper sizing of key equipment and systems (e.g. lighting, building controls, and fertigation). This collective decision making helps to prevent mistakes and re-work later in the project lifecycle, ultimately saving time and money by bringing the operation online faster.

IPM: Integrated Pest Management (IPM) promotes healthy, relatively pest-free crops. Using our scientific and experience-based techniques coupled with our best-practices approach of integrated systems to prevent and treat pests, urban-gro provides a variety of state (or in the case of California, County) approved products and solutions to promote pest-free crops. Through the prevention, monitoring and scouting of pests, our SOP IPM programs take a no- to low-toxicity approach to the compliant marketability of your crop. More importantly, these no- and low-toxic solutions are now required by regulations in each legal state or in California each County. As the laws continue to change as to what are acceptable solutions, our SOP IPM services can keep you both compliant and clean. We take the headache out of tracking the ever-changing regulations, and our programs keep you compliant.

MEP: urban-gro provides full building mechanical, electrical and plumbing design services under the brand Impact Engineering. Impact Engineering has provided full-service mechanical, electrical, and plumbing (MEP) engineering services for commercial owners since 1982. They have completed over 400 indoor cultivation facilities, and many facilities have been new construction and renovations of warehouses and greenhouses. With our MEP engineering and cultivation systems design, facility owners and managers receive the benefit of highly coordinated, stamped drawings. Our coordinated drawing sets provide detailed information for construction, installation and start-up services.

Contact Us Today

Contact urban-gro for a free consultation today.  Call us at (720) 390-3880! 

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